Technology has made huge leaps especially with language learning. Nowadays learning a new language isn’t just inside the classroom or the depending of books and listing of words, it is now almost accessed everywhere, from social media site to blogs and video classes.

Through computers, laptops, tabs, mobile phones and etc. information and educatio are now accessible therefore learning a language is made easier as well. Using technology for language learning has obvious advantages. Through technology, you are able to access information from all around the world especially when it comes to learning a language you want to learn.

Knowing that language learning covers speaking, writing, listening and reading skills; most language learners have seen technology as a good medium.  In StudyWide, language learning features such as Online Classes, Person-person meet ups, Group Talks and Language exchange are facilitated to cover all important aspects of language learning.

For teachers, technology has made a huge improvement in the way of teaching that it allows teachers to assess and enhance their teaching styles. The internet has also widened opportunities for growth and career. The most common benefit is the establishment of extra income through homebased tutoring. Language centers have widened networks and broader options for tutors to hire as well as a good reach out to students from all around the world.

Students at the same time also have wider options on language learning that depends on their learning style. has different features that cater to every language learner’s need without compromising the quality of the education that the student is getting. Exposure to the target language is made possible with the specialized newsfeed and radius feature making it easier for every language learner and more fun as well. There are a lot of resources available over the internet that will aid in learning a new language and most of these are free.


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