Are you planning on learning a new language? Here are some handpicked ones we recommend for you to learn.

Aside from English, there are a lot of other languages that are worth learning for. The ones we picked are based on the number of people speaking the language and the popularity of each.



The elegance of the French language makes it a lovely means to communicate with someone close to your heart. Other than that, it gives you leverage since speaking French gives you an edge among other jobseekers. This can land you jobs non-profit organizations, consultant jobs and many more. And do you know? French is the international language of culture. You might have noticed French everywhere, be it with arts, cooking fashion and etc.


Chinese Mandarin

With China as the world’s biggest industrial economy, speaking Chinese Mandarin is actually considered a prized skill in the business sector. This is the perfect language to choose for attracting prospective employers and making your resume stand out. Plus, you can communicate well with other Chinese Mandarin speakers (with a population of over two million first speakers!).



Aside from the fact that Spanish is the easiest language to learn, it could easily land you a job in areas of domestic law, social services or business. Plus it is easy and fun! If you’re looking for a language that’s easy to learn, Spanish is part of  the highly recommended. And with 35 million spanish speakers worldwide, you’d get to open better opportunities and more connections!



German is the most common native language from the world’s strongest economies and will definitely give your resume a boost.Honestly, German is one of the hardest languages to learn but if you overcome a challenge such as this, the payback will be much greater.



This is the most spoken foreign language in the world and when you speak this, it will immediately get you a job in the field of automotive, communications, and financial sectors. Learning Japanese brings huge business opportunities and it brings you closer to the colorful culture of Japan. And if you are interested in Asia, Japanese can be your good starting point to the introduction of other asian languages.


Your motivation to learn a new language may be different, but adding these will surely motivate your more!Decide on the new language you want to learn. Today is the perfect time to start, learn a new language on studywide now.

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