Being Multilingual has lots of advantages. Aside from the good job opportunities, this enhances your mental capacity and improves your socialization. Knowing another language impacts your overall sense of wellbeing. In StudyWide, you can learn a new language anywhere! It is the home of different language tutors around the globe; just take your pick for the right language tutor to help you open doors to the world by knowing a new language. And don’t forget to use these helpful tips to make language learning fun and effective!

Pinpoint your Motivation

Get the motivation going by knowing the reason why you want to learn that language and stick with it. Be sure this is a good reason to keep you motivated even on the long process. Knowing your motivation will make you commit to learn a new language successfully.

Converse, Practice

Submerge yourself into the language that you’re trying to learn. Talk to people that are relevant to your language learning. Use general the terms that are very useful for everyday use. You can go to a Chinese restaurant and order in Chinese or contact a Spanish guy just a few blocks away. As cliché as it sounds, practice makes perfect.

Repetition is Key

When we were babies, we learn speaking through repetition so this should be a “no brainer” for you.  Repetition is the proven tactic in learning any language. So, language studying 3-4 hours a day for 2 weeks is actually preferable than 2 hours per week for a month. It really helps to repeat terms in your head even when you’re out doing groceries or simply scrubbing your feet in the bath. Be committed to your language learning and don’t just do it half-heartedly. Just give the language a full blast GO.

Observe and Listen

Watch how other people are talking. The language you want to learn will require various tongue, lips and throat involvement. At first, it will normally sound strange but in time you will get accustomed to it. Watching foreign films will help or if you can, watch how a person speaks their native language you want to learn. Look for videos online, there are a lot of useful sources for you to observe how they speak their language. Don’t forget to listen carefully on how they pronounce each word and take note on the tone and accent.

Start with common words

Learn 100 common words of the language that you’re learning. Studies show that 50% of the common words are used on everyday context.  Focus on these 100 common words first and you’re on the easy way to speaking a new language.

Learn with a Speaker

It is better to learn with a buddy to help you in learning a new language and you can trade to teach them your language in return! StudyWide has the features for faster and easier language learning! Post your language concerns on the Knowledge Sharing section and anyone can help; this is the Global Language Community in one neat and fun website –StudyWide

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