I doesn’t matter if you are a native speaker of English or learning it as another language, improvement is always possible. In StudyWide, we make your language learning goals possible, check out these tips to learn or improve your English skills!


Watch movies, Listen to native speakers and to music

Watching english movies is one of the fastest and enjoyable ways to learn and improve your English. This will drastically enhance your English vocabulary and you will learn more on pronunciation, the proper and casual usage of everyday terms.


Know your Mistakes and Correct Them

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, this is a normal part of the process. You can practice with anyone who is already fluent in English and you’re comfortable with, or you can practice with a stern one it’s your choice as long as you are learning with them effectively.


Keep on Practicing

As cliche as it sounds, Practice makes perfect. You can practice speaking in front of the mirror to practice your facial expressions with your words, or record your speeches and talks to check your pronunciation. It’s much better to look for a language exchange partner and practice your English with them. Join Group Talks in StudyWide and converse, practice or play with games. It is always better to keep the fun.


Read with a Dictionary

Read a bestselling book of your preferred genre with an English dictionary. Spending at least 15 mins everyday greatly improves your technical english skills and grammar.


Focus and Keep trying

Learning English, as with any type of learning will need focus. You may not be that good at first but with constant practice you will get there. Your hard work will pay. Allot time everyday to learn or improve English with studywide and you will get the result you deserve!

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