Language exchange is a popular language learning technique nowadays.  This is when two people of different native tongues, teach each other their own languages; so both gain benefits as well as earning new friendship.

It’s Free

That’s right language exchange is free. Since you will be practicing the language with your new friend and teaching them language is the payback, almost no money is required unless agreed on with your partner. If you want to save money on language learning or if you have not much of a budget, language exchange is the technique for you.


Language exchange is very convenient for most language learners.  The fact that you are learning on your own pace that is also comfortable with your partner and having fun at the same time makes language learning not much nasty but enjoyable. One thing that makes language exchange convenient is that it is very applicable for online meetings.  Language Exchange in StudyWide can be done through online videos or text chats.

Builds Friendships

StudyWide’s group talk is a great place to meet with new people from all around the world and build friendships. In here, anyone can create a chatroom of a certain topic and discuss with a specific group or everyone in the StudyWide community. From fun games to everyday discussions, language learning is made more enjoyable with group talks. You can even have group studies or basically any talk with any person of different culture.

Effective and Practical

What’s better than to learn the language from a native speaker itself?  That way you’d get accustomed to the way they really speak the language. Learning the language on a casual and daily basis is more practical if you are planning on living on their place or for work.

Opens your Mind

This introduces you to new cultures that will benefit many aspects in your life. This will expand your horizons and opens up new opportunities for your career.

In StudyWide, language exchange is simple and easy! After signing up, create your language exchange profile and choose from our list of StudyWide members eager to exchange their language and make friends!


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