If you are reading this post it’s probably you are planning to learn a new language.Starting on the easy languages boosts your confidence and encourages you to learn more languages. You can start off with the easiest languages to learn in studywide today!



The Dutch languages has close ties to the English and German language. They have high similarities when it comes to sentence structuring and pronunciation thus making it easier for English speakers such as yourself to learn Dutch and even more when you already know German. Or, you can make German your next target language after learning Dutch. It is the widely spoken language in the Netherlands and speaking it would be a pleasant surprise!



This beautiful and romantic language is also closely related to English because of its huge lexical influence. The only challenges to learning French are silent letters, gendered nouns and pronunciation. But these can be made perfect through practice. French is one of the most used languages with over 200 million speakers.



Aside from pizza, Italian is famous for art, culture and yummy cuisine. The italian language belongs to the most romantic languages of the world and its beauty has attracted many language enthusiasts. Like French, the Italian language is also related to Latin thus associated to English.What makes Italian easy is that its vocabulary is familiar to the English language making it a pleasant experience for language learners.



English and Swedish are very similar in terms of verb conjugations, grammar rules and word order therefore learning thus language is a piece of cake.The Nordic origins of the Swedish language makes it an interesting one to learn as it is backed up with Sweden’s rich  and appealing culture. Spoken mainly in Finland, it also widely spoken widely in England. Plus, learning Swedish enhances your English speaking skills.



Spanish belongs to the most spoken languages from all around the world. Learning spanish is fairly easy because it is very accessible and most of the words are highly similar to most English words. With millions of spanish speakers from all around the world it won’t be a hassle to have a language exchange partner to teach you Spanish. This is easy because of its straightforward nature, the fact that it is pronounced as the words are written. But if you want to learn deeper  into the spanish language it’s quite complicated since you’ll meet a variety of dialects including Mexican Spanish, Argentinian Spanish, Chilean Spanish and many more.


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