With English as the common language of the world, more and more people are learning English for educational purposes, status improvement, communication and many more. That is why ESL teaching jobs are part of the bulk of worldwide opportunities. StudyWide, the global language community is here to help you establish your ESL career and have fun at the same time by getting paid to travel!

It’s time to stop daydreaming and make your dreams happen by gathering up the common requirements to teach ESL or English as Second Language  abroad. Use this quick guide for you to get started. So here you go:


Fluency in English

Are you fluent in English? If you are, then you already have the primary requirement to teach ESL abroad. Almost every international school is looking for native English speakers or advanced speakers of fluent English.



An educational attainment of a Bachelor’s degree is what most international schools are looking for.Most preferable are Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts as the prerequisite for obtaining an ESL certification.


Programs and Certifications

There are a lot of centers and schools that offer ESL programs and certifications. Online classes and trainings are even offered. It depends on your preferences as to how you want to attain certifications. There are even some schools that offer shorter programs associated with teacher training overseas. If you want to know the difference of some certifications, read here: WHAT DOES TEFL, ESOL, CELTA AND TESL MEAN?

You can even go for a Master’s degree in TESOL, ESL or EFL. To obtain a master’s degree, a 30 to 36 hours credit will be needed as well as thesis papers.


Teaching Experience

A minimum of two years teaching experience is required by most schools and centers. There are some ESL teachers who, even after gaining two years of experience, start teaching on countries such as Malaysia and Thailand to adapt on living and working abroad. Bear in mind that competition is always present in this field. StudyWide is the platform that helps ESL teachers find students and Language centers to recruit teachers.


StudyWide connects people worldwide

Once you’ve signed up in StudyWide you have opened your road to more opportunities: whether it’s your language learning goals, reaching greater heights for your career or language center success.




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