Language Lessons can be provided online by using StudyWide’s online video/chat feature through Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. .


You will receive notification through email regarding the reservation, you may click on the link to be automatically directed to the reservation section to confirm or decline the request:

tutors 1

Click on the Confirmation Button to Accept or Decline Request

tutors 2

To Accept the Reservation enter your message and click the “Confirm Button”, the Decline the Reservation uncheck the “Red Check” and enter message for the decline reason
tutors 3

After a confirmation a reservation, if you are from different locations you can easily have online lessons through video or voice chat for FREE.


To begin click on “Reservation” from the StudyRoom dropdown area


Choose your scheduled reservation


Click “Open Chatroom”
tutors 4

You can verify if the student is ready if you see the green light, you may begin your online lesson by clicking on “Start Video Chat”. After clicking the “Open Chat Room” button please wait for 5 to 15 seconds for the window to load. If it exceeds 1 minute please check your connection speed and verify the browser you are using. If you encounter any difficulties with loading the chatroom you may use an alternative such as Skype as a last resort.




Let us know if you have any inquiries or concerns, visit StudyWide today


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