Learning Korean shouldn’t be that hard, infact it is considered one of the easiest languages to learn compared from other asian counterparts such as Chinese and Japanese. But this language can be tough at the same time so you really should take your focus and be motivated enough to learn Korean.

The Korean alphabet also known as Hangul has only twenty-four letters and it may look complicated at first because of the curves and squiggles.. but hey! don’t be discouraged by this.Hangul is actually phonetic, like totally phonetic that you can learn about the Korean alphabet in just 90 minutes. No hidden sounds, the letters are pronounced as they are arranged as is.

StudyWide, the Global Language Community is here to help you reach your language goals with these tips to learn korean fast!


  • Formal Korean Classes

Take Korean classes here in StudyWide! This will help you to focus well on learning   Korean without any distractions. You are guaranteed of secure classes that you’ve paid for. Knowing that the Korean classes you are taking are according to standards and that you’re taking a sure investment.

  • Legit Korean Study Books

Get yourself Korean Study Books from known and legit  Korean authors. This will allow  you to self study on your free time  and make you learn fast especially when you are a visual and a kinesthetic learner.

  • Accept Mistakes

Since you’re learning Korean, give yourself room to grow and expect mistakes. Don’t be afraid to ask questions as well. And dont ever make a mistake of comparing yourself to others who speak better Korean than you. Just learn at your own comfortable pace until you get there.

  • Keep Track of your Progress

Write a Language Diary and list down the words your learned, or try writing it in Korean.

You can even write a blog or post a YouTube video with you speaking Korean from day 1 to day 90! That way you get motivated and inspired especially if you’re seeing progress.


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