What you need to know about Roadschooling

Roadschooling is a form of homeschooling. As what its name suggests, it is a type of schooling on the road. It is usually done by travelling parents with school-aged children. To them, it is a good way to explore things, bond with their kids, and make sure their children get the proper education they need.


You might already know the benefits of homeschooling to children. Homeschoolers take advantage of flexible lessons and topics, individualized and focused teaching, great family bonding and many more. Well, roadschooling offers the same advantages. Only, there are more. Learn why road schooling is the one of the coolest way to carry out your learning journey.

  • Children are exposed to real life situations where they can apply the lessons their parents teach them. As simple as buying food in a grocery store, children can learn how to apply mathematics.
  • Excellent learning resources are available. Travelling itself gives you great learning resources for road schooling children. Forest camping is a great way to discuss different types of plants, photosynthesis, and other science lessons in which you can use nature as your learning material. Parents can use real plants to show their kids the actual things being discussed instead of using textbook pictures to visualize. While simply driving, parents can discuss the benefits of the sun or how rain is formed. Parents can also utilize museums and historical places for history and art lessons.
  • You will get more active kids. Travelling means getting active. Parents can create activities for their children that are both educational and fun. Through this, kids will not only learn things the fun way but also treasure the experience throughout their life giving them happier childhood memories.


  • Occupation – Most road schooling parents are travelers. They either travel for work or for fun. If you are a parent who has a job in a fixed place then road schooling is not for your kids. You might want to consider home schooling but make sure that you can allot enough time to home school your kids regularly.
  • Responsibility – Being a road schooling parent is not easy. Just like any other teacher, parents must be prepared for the lessons, must have time to think of creative ways to teach their kids while travelling, must have the energy to perform outdoor activities, and never ever forget the real purpose of the travel.
  • Budget – Depending on the parent’s approach, road schooling can be a costly. Since you are travelling, consider looking for alternate ways to provide fun activities. Parents may look for low-cost museum, free educational events and historical parks.
  • Number of children and their age – Although there is no particular curriculum to follow in road schooling, parents need to consider the age of their children if they are travelling with more than one.  Age differences among road schooling children might mean they have different interest and level of readiness for each subject. Having kids with lesser age gaps is easier as their levels of comprehension and judgment about things are almost similar. With this, you can discuss the same topic to these children at the same time.


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