StudyWide is a growing global language learning community designed to meet the needs of language tutors and language students from all around the world. The new tools and features that are in StudyWide keep the lessons organized and fun!

One of the best tools in StudyWide is My Admin. This acts as a virtual organizer wherein tutors and educational centers can manage different profile tasks. This has a separate dashboard that has different sections for studywide users to perform various teacher functions such as attendance and invoice.

The Sections on your Dashboard

Edit Profile

This is a section where you enter or update important details about yourself, your working radius, the subjects you offer, your tuition, highest educational attainment, primary and secondary language. You can also enhance your tutor profile by adding photos, adding a YouTube video, homepage, your certifications, teaching experience and don’t forget to add some interesting information about yourself.


Start managing your student records efficiently. You can add students, edit their profile information, keep track of the number of active students, add them to your classes, and track their attendance.


Manage teachers for your lessons and Classes. You can add teachers to your list, edit their profile information, and assign them to specific group lessons and study groups.


Implement an efficient way to manage your classes and lessons. Create and edit class schedules for students and assign a teacher to your regular class routine. You may also remove class schedules once they are completed.


Monitor the attendance of your students in an organized manner. Schedule of classes will be reflected on your calendar. To check students who had attended a particular class, just click the day of the calendar that shows a class schedule.


Encourage interaction and academic discussions among students and teachers. Create forums to encourage active participation from group lesson and study group members. Start up an interesting discussion on a topic where students can freely and actively share their thoughts and opinions continuously. Set management permission for your forum threads.


Create invoice for your clients easily. Just click the New Invoice button and fill-out the needed information. You may also include invoice notes which can be directly sent to accounts of students and their parents.


StudyWide’s mailing system allows you to send messages instantly to your students and keep in touch with them


Don’t miss important event. Set reminders for important appointments by creating a “Reminder”. You may customize and assign dates to your Reminder.


Start creating advertisement for your offer. Just select your promotion period, the target area, and the start date of your advertisement.

Have you accessed My Admin yet? If not, now is the time to do it! Get your working information organized.

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