The internet has become a huge place for socialization. The convenience of meeting people from around the world, sharing ideas and discovery of new things in the comfort of your home or anywhere you are is now a norm. Internet socialization such as group talks, online forums and Q&As are widespread and the positive impact It brings cannot be denied, in fact a survey conducted in 2010 by the American Life Project and the Pew Internet found that 85% of their respondents considered that the internet has a socially positive influence in their lives.

StudyWide promotes social interaction with the new language community section added! Good communication and socialization are vital components to achieve productiveness as well as maintaining relationships around the community.

Group Talk

StudyWide’s group talk is where anyone can create a chatroom according to topics, groups, language,etc. Whether you want a group class, a private group discussion, an open chatroom where anyone can join or a closed one that will need an invite from the chatroom admin, join great conversations here!

Knowledge Sharing

Got lingering questions on your mind? Ask them on the Knowledge Sharing section. These are the area where you can get instant answers. Or if you want to gain more Oranges, share your knowledge with some topics by answering questions. The best answer chosen by the asker will receive the most oranges as a reward.


Forums are fun since you’d get different views from different people. You can add files such as photos and videos to add credibility to your post. This is a good area for networking opportunities. Forums are online conversations that allow anyone to join and create a thread. Bored? The forum is a great source for ideas and intriguing debates. This is also a great area for you to build relationships with clients and peers.






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