StudyWide is a language learning community that provides easy connection between teachers, students and parents.  This is a social networking hub that allows online language teaching with the use of our simple tutoring panel. Our user friendly tools and features in StudyWide make language learning and teaching easy and fun! One of our tools that contribute to a better StudyWide experience is the Search Radius.

 What is the Search Radius?

The search radius is an efficient tool in StudyWide that is used to simplify your search for tutors in your desired area.

To Get Started

Click on “tutors” which is located on the left pane of the website. Then you’ll see the available tutors within the area. Look for the “radius” box with a map and a drop down bar with radius options as seen below.


Select the area that is covered for the tutor search. For example, a 10 mile radius indicates you are searching for a tutor who is within 10 miles from your area.  The wider the radius, the broader the results. After selecting the radius, the page instantly refreshes and the list of the tutors available within the new radius shows up. Then you can look for the right tutor who is within the desired radius of your location.

Convenient isn’t it?

Enjoy other perks of the search radius such as:

  • Time Efficiency –this cool option of simply selecting the radius from the list saves a lot of time and generates accurate results for your tutor search.
  • Available opportunities –the search radius at StudyWide opens unlimited opportunities especially for tutors, a client or student can simply contact you knowing that you’re at a convenient distance.
  • Less Effort –choose from the selection of tutors available with just a click on the preferred radius!

With StudyWide, language learning is much easier and the needed language learning tools are available; communicating and sharing ideas with people from different cultures is possible as well as befriending various language groups! With StudyWide’s search radius, you work smarter and time is spent wiser; you don’t need to make unnecessary queries about the tutor’s availability for teaching in certain locations. Little details such as the location can make a huge difference to your career, enjoy the features in StudyWide and you’re well on your way to achieve success, here’s the perfect tool to get you started right away!

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