Have you had your list of languages to learn? If not, starting listing and rank from the most difficult to easiest ones to learn. You can start from which depending on your schedule availability and the convenience and while we’re at it, StudyWide helps you out by showing you the most challenging languages to learn.


Take note the following languages are listed from most to least challenging:



Chinese (Cantonese)

Chinese (Mandarin)












This list is based on English speakers’ level of difficulty met by learning other languages. In other words the easier languages to learn are those most alike to the English language. But the level of difficulty depends on your native language and the similarity to the language you’re learning. So don’t let the difficulty and the complexity of a language discourage you to learn it. Take it as a challenge and work your way with well deserve effort.


So here is StudyWide’s extra tips when learning a difficult language:


Get Motivated


Know why you want to learn the language. It should not be some flimsy and shallow reason but one with solid -rock reason to keep you motivated even thru the most difficult times of the language learning process.


Practice, practice practice


Talk and use the language you’re learning. Do it with the native speakers and they will be happy to correct and assist you. Don’t be worried about mistakes because that’s normal. In no time, you’ve learned the language! Horrah!


Find a partner thru StudyWide’s language exchange

Doing the language learning with a language partner makes it 50 times more fun! plus you can teach them your native language as well.

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