The Importance of Reading

Reading is one of the primary skills being taught at home and in school. The reading experience of a child starts from the time the alphabet was introduced to him. From this basic knowledge begins a wider area of learning until a child is capable of reading words, phrases and sentences.

So why is reading important then? Reading is a foundation of learning. Though there are quite few people who became successful in life without being able to read, this skill is a great contributor in one’s life chances and achievements.

Here are few more benefits of reading.

It widens your vocabulary.

Through reading, children are exposed to new words. Even though words might be unfamiliar to them, by continuous reading, children will be able to understand the meaning of words based on how it was used.

It improves comprehension.

With a wider vocabulary, children will be able to understand matters easier. The easier a child can understand the meaning of each word, the faster his comprehension is.

You might even experience times when you can easily get the idea of what you are reading either because you have read it before or you have read something related to it. This means that you will have greater chances of looking into the topic deeper since you already have basic knowledge of it.

It stimulates curiosity to discover new things.

Reading opens thousands of information to you. Basically, this is the reason why reading skill is vital in education. Without reading skills, it will be difficult for students to learn.

By reading, new things are being discovered. One unfamiliar word or interesting topic might lead you to more complex research. When you read, you gain knowledge and uncover new things.

It is a vital career skill.

One essential skill frequently being tested in job applications is reading and comprehension. A lot of great job positions require reading as part of daily tasks. Without good reading skill, productivity might be decreased. Having a poor reading skill consumes a lot of time to accomplish work.

It develops imagination.

Your mind works while you read. With reading, you unconsciously picture things out. This imagination makes one develop their artistic power by applying what they have read to their writing, or in the form of art.


It builds up confidence.

Having adequate knowledge is a great factor of developing confidence. When you are knowledgeable about something, you feel comfortable in sharing it to other people, you feel confident about yourself and you are positive about things.

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