Are you planning to teach English in Korea? Take first the EPIK, it is known as the English Program in Korea implemented by the Korean Ministry of Education.


The Benefits of an EPIK Tutor


– a salary of $2,000-$2,5000 per month according to qualifications

-regular schedule of work from 9am-5pm

-Paid Overtime

-One Year Contract

-Settlement Allowance of 300,000 South Korean Won (within first month one-time payment only)

-Single Studio-Type Housing along household goods (a bed, a table, chairs, a wardrobe, a gas stove, a refrigerator, a washing machine, a microwave oven and a TV set) provided by the POE

– Severance pay equivalent to one month worth of salary annually

-1,300,000 South Korean Won Entrance Allowance as a form of a loan in the event the contract is terminated and 1,300,000 South Korean Won Exit Allowance after the completion of one year contract

-renewal allowance of 2,000,000 South Korean Won upon completion of contract followed by renewal including a 2 week vacation in between the contracts.

-medical insurance premium wherein 50% is paid by your host

-compulsory pension contributions wherein 50% are paid by your host and is payable monthly

-National Pension Scheme Refunds

-Tax exemption not including Canadians and those who have worked more than two years in South Korea

-Comprehensive orientation about the English Program In Korea with free lodging and meals

-Travel and live in Korea, experience the rich culture and meet new people


Tips to remember:

  1. Have you made up your mind yet? Begin your application process immediately since this is a first come, first serve basis.
  2. Keep posted for the interview dates and any events, remember that the positions get filled 5-7 months in advance
  3. Prepare your documents to travel abroad, don’t let this opportunity pass!


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