Congratulations, if you’ve decided to learn a new language then you’re definitely doing something positive with your life

! Learning a new language is a challenge at the same time it gives you ton of benefits such as improving your brain power, convenience when traveling as well as boosting your resume at times especially if some jobs prefer applicants to be bilingual. Spanish is one of the most widely used languages, there are 437 million people are native Spanish speakers.


Is it easy to learn Spanish?


It depends on how interested and dedicated you are to learn. Some can learn and speak the basics in as little over a month of learning. Aside from learning in language schools you can also do self practice to speed up the familiarity with Spanish. Unlike other languages, Spanish is considered one of the easiest languages to pick up due to many cognates with the English Language.


Watch Spanish Films or Listen to Spanish Music


As you go along and learn Spanish, one of the best teaching materials is music and film. Your attention is at its peak especially when watching movies. This is one of the most commonly used strategies and the same time the most effective since you not only learning more words but also how to construct the sentences. Pronunciation is also a big plus when listening to Spanish music and films. It does take a bit a discipline though as well considering the first couple of weeks would certainly be rough since the catch up would be understandably slow, so make sure you choose the films and music that are interesting to you to make sure it keeps grabbing your attention.


Read Spanish Literature


Ah books… what better way to learn? Millions of books are written in Spanish, just like learning any language whenever you read and encounter a word you don’t understand simply take out a dictionary or better yet the more modern conventional way is asking Google to give you quick results. Millions of authors and literature are at your disposal, so similar to film and music make sure to choose books that are of interest to you. As you continue on the more you practice the easier it gets day by day and before you know it you can hold a basic conversation with someone in no time. 


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