How Does Language Exchange Work?

Language exchange has been the latest trend in language learning and for a very good reason! It starts with 2 people both looking to learn a different language, once they connect they take turns teaching each other their native tongue. For instance student 1 speaks English and wants to learn French while student 2 speaks French and wants to learn English, they practice through conversations, pronunciation, grammar and many more. It an effective way to also save on language tutor costs and improves your social network by making a new friend. .

Some of the challenges of Language Exchange is finding a perfect partner fit for you and vice versa. Recently there have been many social language learning platforms that have been working to integrate this kind of learning technique however can only do it locally. At you can search globally for students interested in language exchange minutes after creating a student account for Free.

What Makes Language Learning in Different from Others?

  • Find Language Students, Connect and Share Study Materials and Ideas
  • Practice the Language you’re Learning with Other Native Speakers Through our Language Exchange Feature
  • Stay within your Budget when Finding Language Tutors and Language Centers in your Local Area or Globally


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