Language exchange is also known as Tandem language learning is a language learning practice in which learners barter their native language to learn another language with their mutual tandem.  Basically, Language exchange is when two individuals with different native tongues teach each other their own languages. This is now considered a very efficient method of language learning especially with the language aspects of fluency and comprehension.

Advantages of Language Exchange

Language exchange can happen anywhere be it in person or over the internet. While meeting up  has its advantages, doing it online also has its advantages too.

Upgrade Skills

It has been proven that language exchange in the form of texting or chatting online can enhance comprehension and writing skills basing on your native language and the language that you’re learning!

Connecting with the world

Cross-cultural communication is one that makes language exchange significant. The fact that people from all around the world are exchanging their languages promotes a worldwide effort to connect regardless of the difference thus contributing to merging of cultures, ideas and opening of borders.


Learning with a person who speaks the language that you’re learning on a native tongue will help you learn the most spoken form of it thus leading you to the easier and more practical road to language learning. This will make the difficult parts easier for you to take in.


Learning a language with another person makes the process more enjoyable since you are getting real feedback from a real person and not machines. You will be able to spend as much time learning the language considering the terms both of you have agreed. This also enhances your social circles and even extends it around the world!

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