It is a rumour that you only need to speak English to land you an ESL teaching job overseas. The right word to use is, speaking English is an advantage and a start. If you want to teach abroad, the countries with greater job opportunities are Thailand, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea and China. But you must be ready to show what you’ve got and be ahead of the game.  A lot of English Tutors are already overseas and the competition may be tough that’s why it’s time to be tougher and land the job you deserve!

First have a goal in mind, where do you want to teach? What are your priorities? Pinpoint the reasons why you want to teach and reside in the country; better yet make a list because these will be your motivation. Working overseas may be exciting but it is not easy since you will be leaving your hometown and everyone you know and been comfortable with. Having good motivation will prevent you from heading home when you’ve just arrived!

Have you got the needed credentials? Teaching ESL overseas will bring you to competition with people from all over the world so you better be competitive enough. A degree in any course is solid prerequisite or preferably a degree in English and literature.  After gaining a degree, things will be a bit smooth since gaining certificates such as TEFL and CELTA wouldn’t be that hard. A lot of schools and centers are offering 4-6 weeks classes for this and some can even be obtained online. You just have to be enthusiastic and determined.

Now that you’ve gotten your credentials, keep them in a flashdrive and keep a backup copy. Also print your papers for automatic reading if any employer is interested. You never know, you’ll get hired right away after talking to the right person. Sell yourself and show off your skills, experience and certifications by signing up to Create a tutor profile and post your professional details. This will reach people from all around the world and will increase your chances of getting a job. When a student or a language center approves you, they will be the one to contact you right away! This is a very good strategy that saves you time, money and effort. Through, you’ve won an ESL teaching job overseas when you even haven’t gotten there yet!

Now, the only things to think about are the place to reside and the expenses. Though most schools or centers offer free board and lodging, it’s best to have plan B, have some thorough research about the school/center that you will be teaching and the place that you will be residing. Familiarize the streets, the nearby mall, the park, school, police station and etc. Take note of the community and the people that you will be interacting. It is important to be flexible and open-minded. Read as much blogs as you can from other experienced ESL teachers Be prepared for your new life abroad, but also, don’t forget to have fun!



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