Learning is a continuous process and so is teaching.  It does not stop on the classroom but anywhere you have the opportunity to teach and even gain income from teaching too. Online teaching is becoming popular nowadays because of the unlimited opportunities and the convenience it brings. The fact that you can work at home is one of the many reasons why more and more tutors opt to teach online.

In StudyWide, teaching isn’t only limited to online but other options as well.

Online Tutoring

As what the name implies, language lessons in StudyWide are mainly conducted online through video chatting.  Students from all parts of the world can contact Global Tutors through StudyWide’s list in the Tutors section. The student makes a class reservation on the tutor’s schedule. The tutor then confirms to make the schedule fixed and ready for class.

Instant Online Classes

Also known as Live Classes, Instant Online Classes in StudyWide are accessed after clicking Online Verification from the Study Room. A pop up will appear showing the list of Live Tutors. The pop up will return to offline if the tutor has been  inactive for 10 minutes; If the tutor  wants  to be available for live tutoring, simply click on the button and the name will reflect on the list.

StudyWide even makes online teaching fun with helpful tools such as share screen, conference call, write in your language, send file/s, save a conversation and even handwrite a message! These can be found in the Chat Now section.

Private tutoring

In StudyWide, Local Tutors also called Private Tutors, conduct classes in person. Aside from the cool option of meeting and interacting with students, local tutors get to travel a lot and present the best material possible!

Local Tutors in StudyWide set their work radius to indicate the range of area wherein they are available to offer their tutoring services. The tutor chooses the right working radius depending on important factors such as the transportation, the tutor’s time and willingness to travel.

Tutors set this from the start when creating their tutor account in StudyWide. From the dropdown button, radius from 5 miles up to 500 miles can be selected, so the wider the radius, the greater area covered for the tutor’s availability to teach in person.

Students who are interested will send the tutor a message.  Private tutoring in StudyWide depends on the agreement of both the tutor and the student. The student contacts the tutor preferred and both agree on the time, date and place of the lesson.

The tutor should have a good transport system for the tutor to arrive on time. He or she should be sure of the working radius to avoid conflicts and confusions with the students. The tutor should be very careful in deciding on the radius since this could affect the credibility. Additional tip: The tutor should be prepared for every single class; important teaching materials should always be on hand.

Now that you know the different teaching options in StudyWide, you can start the language journey. Better yet, share this to your friends!



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