Many language learners have chosen online classes to learn a new language. The cost-effectiveness of this type of learning makes it a popular option for a lot of language enthusiasts taken from the fact that you’d get your classes from professional and qualified tutors.

StudyWide has made this possible! The Language Tutors section is the database for registered language tutors. Simply adjust the search settings according to your preferences and gain a personalized listing of tutors for your choosing.

Wondering on How to Make a class reservation in Here’s how:

After accessing the Language tutor’s section,

language tutors

Select the Tutor according to your preferences, click the Tutor’s name to view his or her profile and calendar.


From the Tutor’s calendar, choose the desired date for class.


Next, click on Reservation to display the Tutor’s time table for the day. Take note of the colors that indicate the tutor’s availability.


Select the time schedules that you want to reserve for class.

Then Click Add schedules to Cart. If you’re sure of the reservation, click Checkout.


Double Check all the class details and click Submit.



You will receive an email regarding your reservation.

Wait for the Tutor’s confirmation of your reservation, a notification will be sent to your email.  Check your spam or junk folder as well!




  • Once you click Submit, points will be deducted from your account.
  • If the tutor didn’t confirm, the points will be refunded within 24 hours, this is the same if the tutor didn’t show up for class
  • If the reservation is confirmed, take note of all the class details and prepare, don’t be late!



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