After signing up for a free lifetime account in StudyWide, you can then choose the right language tutor and make a class reservation on his or her calendar.

Here’s How to Make a Class Reservation:


Access the tutor’s schedule by clicking on the name the calendar will show up, this is the tutor’s calendar that indicates the his/her availability at specific dates and times. Select the date and click Reservation and the tutor’s time table will show up.

Check the time boxes in which you’d want to reserve for language lessons, doing this will add schedules on your cart. If you’re ready to purchase the sessions, click Checkout.

After a successful class reservation, the tutor will receive an email regarding your class reservation. 

Wait awhile for the tutor’s confirmation of the schedule. You will be getting an email for the confirmed class reservation.

Once confirmed, you’ll get  the language lessons. Remember to take note of important details such as: date, time and topic!


For every class reservation, points are required. Make sure that you have enough points to make a reservation. Take note that the rate depends on each Tutor in StudyWide.

If the tutor did not confirm the class reservation, the points will refunded back to you

Signing -up is free!

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