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How to get paid as a tutor at

StudyWide is an global language community where language teachers can create tutor profiles and educational centers to promote their tutoring services to registered students and parents who are looking for tutors for their children.

Tutor members can create profiles where students and parents can view the list of courses or language subjects they offer, contact details, global or local tutoring, certifications attained by the tutors and the tutor rates.

The rates for lesson/s will depend on the tutor. StudyWide, unlike other tutoring websites, will not deduct any percentage for facilitating the platform where the tutor and the learner connected. The transaction will strictly be between the tutor and the student and the payment options will be theirs’ to discuss. StudyWide’s My Admin panel has an Invoice tool where tutors can create and send invoices to students and parents. However this will be under the tutor’s decision to use it or not.

How it Works

When the student finished a reservation on the tutor’s schedule, points will be sent; StudyWide will hold the payment in trust or in custody. Once the student acknowledges the lesson as “Complete” the points will be released and delivered on the tutor’s account.

To give an overview, let’s have an example.

Tutor A has completed his tutoring profile in StudyWide and has stated that he is a Spanish Tutor ready to accept students. Student A is looking for a Spanish Tutor . Then, Student A finds Tutor A’s profile in the StudyWide Tutor listings and makes a reservation on the Tutor’s schedule. Student A finishes the reservation by checking out and sending the points.

Tutor A receives an email regarding the reservation and confirms the schedule. Classes are conducted through Video chat based on the reserved schedule. After the lesson, Student A clicks the “Complete” button and within 24 hours the points and payment will be sent to the Tutor’s corresponding StudyWide and Paypal account. After this Student A can share his/her learning experience with others by leaving feedback for Tutor A.

Being a registered tutor in StudyWide gives you the opportunity to create a more personalized tutor profile so students can have grasp of what your teaching style is and if it is to his/her liking. StudyWide also allows you to keep 100% of your income earned through tutoring.

What are you waiting for? Complete your profile and experience a tutoring journey like no other, brought to you by StudyWide.


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