Nowadays with the rise of technology comes the fast development of using it for education as well as learning new languages. When before, learning different languages is exclusive to the elite, now everyone can learn a new language with the help of StudyWide, this is a global language online community that allows online classes with certified language tutors from all around the world.

Here’s a quick How to in getting secure language lessons on the Global Open Language Community.

First sign-up to

Then look for the right tutor with any of the three: Direct Search, Job Board and Listing.

Access the tutor’s schedule by clicking on the name and make a reservation on his calendar.

Purchase the tutor’s schedule with your points.

After a successful class reservation, the tutor will be notified.

Wait awhile for the tutor’s confirmation of the schedule. You will be getting an email for the confirmed class reservation.

Once confirmed, you’ll get the language lessons. Remember to take note of important details such as: date, time and topic!

Here are some important StudyWide points to remember:

  • It is important to have sufficient points to be able to make a class reservation. You can buy more points by accessing Point Charge on your Study Room.
  • If the tutor did not confirm the class reservation or if he did not complete the lesson, the points will refunded back to you
  • If you have some complaints about the tutor, you may click the flag button after the lesson and the StudyWide Quality Control will make a review
  • signing -up in StudyWide is always free!

Start Learning New Languages with over 10,000 members Around the World at


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