StudyWide is an educational online community that provides easy connection with teachers, students and parents.  This is a social networking hub that allows tutors to post their profiles and students to look for teachers.

How do I Find the Right Tutor?



Finding the right tutor at is easy! There are actually three ways to find a tutor of your choice.


Direct Search

First type in the name of the tutor on the search tab located at the upper portion of the website. Then click on the search icon.  The name of the tutor will then appear. Click the name of the tutor and the profile will show for you to read about the tutor’s credentials and other information.

Job Board

Do you notice the Job Board section located on the left panel of the website? Simply click on that and a list of tutors will appear. On the left side of the page, you’ll see a box named radius and a corresponding map below; choose the desired radius on the dropdown menu for the desired proximity. The page will refresh and show you the list of tutors available within your preferred radius. Click on the name of the tutor to view the profile information.


Select tutors from the left panel of the website.  You’ll see tools located beside the grey panel wherein you can simplify the search with the preferred subject, gender, age and proximity. A list of tutors will appear according to your specified search. Finally, simply click the tutor’s name to view the profile information.

How do I contact the Tutor?

When you think you’ve found the right tutor, simply click on the get connect button located below the profile picture. When you’re finally connected with the tutor, you can now send him or her a message. Then you can make agreements on the means and mode of teaching as well as the payment options.

Your learning experience is very important to StudyWide that is why we came up with some guidelines:

  • If you don’t like the tutor after three minutes of teaching, you can choose to stop the session.
  • At the start of the session, the student or parent makes a deposit on the tutor’s account according to what both the tutor and the student/parent have agreed upon.


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