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How to become a tutor in is an innovative social networking website that allows tutors and language learners in utilizing the functions and benefits of this platform thus preparing the way to success.

While StudyWide has a totally different interface than most of the language learning communities online, the system is, in fact, user-friendly and simple. To know how StudyWide really works, here are some simple features you must know.




After signing up, user can start creating their profile and indicate their location. Showing the actual region or city you are in is a very important factor in promoting your tutoring service. This is because users will be searching prospective tutors according to their preferred location. This is especially important if you are looking for local students in your area.


After completing your profile, you may start creating a Tutor account. Do not confuse this with your StudyWide account. You can basically create two types of accounts in StudyWide which are the following:

  • Tutor Account
  • Educational Center Account


Of course, if you are working as a freelance tutor, you should start creating a Tutor account. To start, access your Study Room dashboard, click on Create Accounts dropdown menu and select Tutor. Here you can establish your profile as a tutor and place information such as your service rate, subjects you offer, certifications, awards and teaching experience. Upon creation, your tutor account profile will be published to students and other members looking for tutors in your area.

If you want to directly promote your tutoring service, you may submit a job post in the Job Board section. To do this, access Job Board and click on Job Post. Select Looking for Student radio button and fill out other all other fields.

You will be asked to indicate your target area for advertising which might be different from your actual location. So if you are doing online tutoring, you may select a different location to advertise your services. You will also need to select a Radius. This will indicate the extent of your promotion. If you selected 50 miles, for example, your job posts will be advertised to other users within that 50-mile radius. built this feature to provide a direct and targeted approach for advertising your business. Whether you aim to get local or international students for your tutoring services, this amazing advertising structure will help you build your career.

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