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How does work? is your latest global language community that allows you to achieve quality language learning experience at lowers costs, easy management and fun functions. It is designed for Educators (language tutors and language educational centers) and Language Learners (students and parents). It is a networking platform that allows these parties to connect to one another to exchange knowledge through tutoring services and posted events at StudyWide.

Language Tutors and Educational Centers can create Educator accounts which are  browsed by registered parents and student members who are in search for language tutoring services and activities in their areas. The Educator-type members can also post Events as well as create profile stating the services they offer. Through StudyWide’s interactive system, members (both Tutor and Learner) can connect to each other easily.

The Tutor section of StudyWide houses the list of registered tutor members of the website. Members can browse through the tutor list and check out tutor profiles. Tutor profiles include courses/subjects/services they offer, contact details, location of lesson (can be physical or online tutoring), certifications attained by the tutors and their tutor rates.

The Educational Center section in StudyWide acts as a directory of Educational/Knowledge-based centers in the StudyWide database. Members can seek information on courses/subjects/services, location, schedule and rates of Educational Centers on this page.

StudyWide members can browse through educational events in their area through the Events section of StudyWide. Users can also create educational events open to the public and can invite StudyWide members to join them. Each event will have details on the time and date, location, as well as a description of the upcoming event.

The Job Board of StudyWide acts as a job listing page for tutors looking for students and vice versa. Members can browse through this page and find what other members have to offer or what they need.

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