Homework, Why is it Important?

School hours might be very tiring for most students. With the load of activities and information students receive each day, they are usually exhausted even before the end of the class. Plus, they have to exert extra effort to finish their homeworks at home.

Every activity assigned in schools matters. Homework is not just an added workload for students. While many students, teachers, and parents are quite in doubt of   the benefits of assigning homework, it is still something that needs to be given focus.

Here are some reasons why homework is important.

  1. It prepares students for the next lesson.
  2. It develops good study habits and time management skills.
  3. It helps students to be responsible. Though students need some homework assistance from tutors or a homework help website occasionally, take-home assignments will still develop their sense of responsibility.
  4. Homework serves as a daily review of what they have learned from class. It reinstalls the information provided to them during classroom discussions.
  5. It teaches students to be more resourceful.
  6. It teaches students to use information resources like internet, libraries, or people outside school.
  7. It helps teachers evaluate student performance and learning attitude. Teachers are not giving complicated math homework or complex science homework just to tire students out. Homeworks may also serve a good basis for performance evaluation.
  8. It promotes bond between students and parents.
  9. It helps students recognize the best study technique for them.
  10. It prepares students for major examinations.


Many factors can contribute to one’s motivation when doing homework. These include the child’s attitude, studying environment, level of interests and the activities that a student would prefer to do instead of the task assigned. But it’s all about instilling a positive attitude towards the work they have to do because it is part of their educational growth.

Regardless which method a one uses to accomplish his homework, a student cannot run away from this task. It is an integral part of the learning system which helps learners gain subject knowledge and understanding as well as life skills (time management, organization, task completion, responsibility) that he will use in the future.

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