Helpful Educational Web Tools for Educators

Technology is important in today’s world. It is being effectively utilized for business and communication purposes. It is undeniable that this advancement has brought an enormous change to people’s daily life.

People can take advantage of these technological advancements. In the aspect of education, knowledge providers can make use of more advanced resources to provide more effective teaching methods in a very innovative way.

A lot of helpful software and applications are available in the internet. With all these resources, educators can definitely take learning to the next level. Here are some web tools which educators can use for an effectual teaching.

1. Social Media

Social networking sites are getting more and more popular. People have found an entertaining way to communicate through social media. Many educators today use this to engage students in discussions and participation on various school activities. The use of social media websites is also a great way to post class schedule changes and announcements.

Everyone can easily create a social media account. Websites like Facebook make group discussion convenience through creation of groups and event pages. There are also social media websites that are exclusively built for education purposes.


2. Cloud Storages

Educators have a lot of study materials to keep. By the use of computers, keeping important data and educational resources was made easy.

Cloud-based storage websites like Dropbox are useful in keeping your files accessible yet secured. You can simply create an account and upload files such as photos, documents, and music. As long as you have an internet connection, you can access and download your files anytime, anywhere.


3. Animation makers

Break off boring class discussions that would lose the interest of students. Keep their attention-span longer and gain their focus by creating entertaining animations for classroom discussions. Creative visual aids help student retain more knowledge and gain understanding especially in complicated topics.

There are many free animation makers online that allow you download short animated videos and slides. Students can also use animation makers for creating class reports and presentations.


4. Webinar Software

Online class is a big educational trend right now. Most online tutors use instant messaging applications like Skype to communicate with distant students. For tutors that have larger group of students, webinar software can be very useful.

Webinar software applications allow screen sharing and interactive interface for a more effective online discussion. Most webinar applications are capable of scheduling virtual events and recording discussions for future use.


5. Survey Websites and questionnaire creators

Educators can make use of survey websites to evaluate the effectiveness of their teaching and know the opinion of their students about their online or classroom discussions. Teachers can also evaluate the students’ level of understanding by creating questionnaires online which you can print out and access through web.

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