So do you want to teach English in Japan? Taking the JET program is the first move you should make (after taking ESL/TEFL certificate, rather).


What is JET?


JET or Japan Exchange and Teaching is a program is conducted by the government to strengthen the international exchange between Japan and other international municipalities thus giving employment opportunities for English teachers. For over 28 years, the JET Program has gained excellence in global exchanges.


Where will I be assigned?

After successfully completing the JET Program, you will be assigned to either a private or public school covering junior and senior high schools. The contract is usually for a year and you can apply for renewal then.

What is ALT?

ALT stands for Assistant Language Teacher who has completed the JET program. ALTs assist the JTEs or Japanese Teachers of English in the preparation of the materials for teaching as well as extracurricular activities such as clubs, sports and arranging for exchange programs either international or cultural.

What are the Requirements to take the JET Program?

  • A citizen of the Philippines
  • Bachelor’s degree in English or Education
  • Fluent in english (oral and written)
  • Below 35 years old
  • Physically and mentally fit

Having professional language teaching license such as TEFL/ESL certification are preferred, especially those with experience. Do you know how to speak Japanese? Improve it by getting help from a native speaker, find one now at


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