Your beautiful!

Did you send someone this message and you just got seenzoned? the reason my friend, is that you overlooked a simple grammar basic. Your and You’re are totally different, here’s Why:



Your is placed before a gerund a noun or a pronoun that is used to identify the things that belong directly to you. In short it is a second person possessive.


I noticed your patience is getting thin.

Your drawing is fantastic!

Is your head up in the clouds?



The word you’re is simply a contraction of “you are”


You’re lovely!

You’re going to do what I told you.

You’re welcome


Want a quick tip? Try pulling the words apart “you are” in your sentence and see if they are right. Like this.


“You’re attitude is not going to fit in this industry.” When pulled apart it becomes “You are attitude is not going to fit in this industry.” which is wrong. It should read “Your attitude is not going to fit in the industry.”


“When your refreshed, everything will go smoothly.” is wrong. It should read “When you’re refreshed, everything goes smoothly.” since it contracts “you are”.


Now that you know the difference between you and you’re, use each wisely everywhere you go. Whether you’re just posting in social media or applying for a job, a small detail in your grammar makes a huge difference. Impress those grammar nazis by using “Your” and “You’re” correctly!


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