Test Preparation

Effective Techniques in Memorizing Lessons

Memorizing lessons can be very painful especially on subjects like Math, Science and History that require memorization of formulas, definitions, dates, events, and name of people.

Memorization is part of test preparations. Every student needs to have an effective way of studying. One technique can be effectual for one student but not for another. That is why it is important to determine which method works for you.

In every lesson, comprehension is gained by learning a lesson by memory and by heart. Here are some of the most effective ways to memorize.


Basically, acronyms are invented abbreviation created from initial letters or phrases. This technique is commonly used in memorizing things that need enumeration. For example, medical students can use acronyms below in memorizing the cranial nerves. These can also be called mnemonics.

Cranial Nerve Acronym
Olfactory Oh
Optic Oh
Oculomotor Oh
Trochlear Try
Trigeminal Try
Abducens Again
Facial Failure
Vestibulocochlear Victory
Glossopharyngeal Gives
Vagus Value
Spinal Accessory And
Hypoglossal Harmony



Chaining is creating a story, which can be easily remembered, that contains related sentences. This is frequently used to memorize a list of things for a particular category. Keywords are used to link sentences. So if you are memorizing the order of the planets, you may want to study this example of chaining method.

Planets Chaining Story
Mercury You feel very sick so you grabbed the mercurial thermometer to check your temperature. (This is an obvious clue.)
Venus It turns out that you have a very high fever due to throat infection and cough. (When you memorize it, make emphasis in the “v” pronunciation for you to remember)
Earth You think that the heavy rain is the cause. (Rain is basically linked to mother earth)
Mars Doctor wanted you to avoid chocolates like Mars (Another direct clue)
Jupiter He prescribed a cough syrup that tastes like jelly ace (This time, the word jelly is used as a hint because it starts with the same letter as Jupiter)
Saturn And asked you to stay at home and get more rest (same first letter)
Uranus You need to increase your water intake so you should expect frequent urination  (same reason as above)
Neptune After a day you felt nice and better (same reason as above)
Pluto So you decided to continue your medication pills to recover. (same reason as above)


You can create your own story. It will be better if the story is linked to a familiar scenario or a funny memory so you can easily remember.


Visual aids are great ways to retain memory. You can remember things easily if you can link it to a particular object or picture. Visualization does not only mean you need flash cards and other visual materials. You can also visualize something like an event or scene to help you recall certain topics.


Keywords are very important component of memorization especially when you have to remember definitions of unusual terminologies. Keywords are hints that will lead you to the meaning of the term you need to define.

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