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Characteristics of an Effective Group Lesson

Teamwork is one important thing that is being taught in school. It hones one’s social skill and cooperative spirit through group reports, group works, and group lessons. These educational activities make students achieve short and long-term goals easier.


Group lessons are formed to achieve a common objective. But what makes an effective group lesson? How can one say that the group lesson he belongs to is effectual? These are some characteristics that identify the effectiveness of a group lesson.


  1. Clear Goals

In group lessons, participants work as a team. A team apparently needs to have a common objective. Once a group lesson is made, members of the group should have a clear understanding of their purpose. Without clear goals, group members may tend to lose focus.


  1. Complementary attitude

An effective group lesson is not the one with members who have the same learning attitude. Diversity when it comes to skills and personality provides wider perception and makes members see a particular subject in different angles.


  1. Interactive and proactive

A group lessons is supposedly an activity that promotes communication between members. But groups built for educational purposes must not only be interactive by nature but also proactive. Members should take initiative to share, discuss, raise questions, and provide assistance to other members.


  1. Adherence

One common issue on group lessons is schedule adherence. Just like a class, group lessons are made of different people with different attitude. Teachers or tutors who manage group studies sometimes struggle to arrange study sessions especially when students have different time of availability.


Students and educators today can take advantage of several tools to make group lesson appointments and discussions even easier.


There are helpful educational web tools for educators that provide hassle-free exchange of information and study materials are available for free. Websites like StudyWide is one place where students and tutors can manage group lessons effectively. Through this, once can create a group lesson, add and look for members, check attendance, and rate performance.

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