Yes has this option for tutors on the go. Any tutor can make himself or herself available in different locations.

Say, you are located in Washington, but your tutoring services are also available in Oregon and Idaho; you can set your tutor profile available for both locations. Feeling skeptical? Try this and you’ll get the following benefits:

The Benefits teaching availability in Different Locations

  • This creates more exposure on you as a tutor. So when the student looks for a tutor within the area, your profile shows up.
  • This is convenient. Use the available tools at your disposal for a happy and successful tutoring career. Don’t work hard, work smart.
  • This gives you an edge among other tutors. Opportunities are everywhere and one should not waste them. You can use this feature to widen your opportunities anywhere you like!
  • This notifies everyone that you are available to teach on these locations. Easy Breezy.

However there are important points that you should consider before doing this.  Do you really have the capacity to offer your tutoring services in those areas? When you create a profile for a location, the student/parent will think that you are available since that is what is stated there! Therefore you have to be sure that you can provide your tutoring services in those areas otherwise you’ll get yourself into trouble. Don’t risk having a bad record and straighten things out while you still can.

Things to Keep in Mind When Making yourself available in Multiple Locations


Do you have a vehicle or any means of transportation? Know that the students are still the clients therefore they have the right to choose the best tutor and one that is readily available. It is important to be always ready.  Be prepared if anyone asks for your tutoring services, get your transportation ready to arrive there on time.


Yes, you should have the time. Organize your tutoring schedule and inform your student/s on the available dates and times that you have, that way you avoid any type of misunderstanding and you’ll get to your goals.


Flexibility is important here. Since you’ll be offering tutoring on different locations, expect that many students will want your help on these different locations. You should be able to stretch your time and manage it well. Everything will be worth it in the end.

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