Unlike agencies where you have standard shifts and sacrifice sleeping soundly at night since your students time zone is different, StudyWide is different. One of the great benefits you get is aside from the pool of students looking for qualified tutors is that you can choose your working hours and be your own boss. After signing up you can register immediately as a tutor, included in the form is your preferred working hours of the week. This is the perfect opportunity for tutors who are looking to earn extra at the convenience of their own time and location since you can teach online using our audio/video chat feature. For existing tutors who want to modify your availability for the days of the week, click here.


modify current availability


After making the necessary changes click on submit and your availability can be visible to students when making reservations.

To add even more flexibility for tutors, whenever you have spare time on your hands you can immediately make yourself available and take instant classes from students by clicking on “online verification” link on your StudyRoom page.


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