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A Short Study Guide for Math Tests

Math can be a tedious subject. Often times, this is the subject in which students need extra assistance from their parents. Whether it may be a simple as learning math, helping with math homework or requiring some serious math skills, a parent who has hardly (at times) retained any information regarding these subjects which were learned years ago will have difficulty helping their kid out.

As a student, you can create study guides that will help you with a dreaded math test. First, you can identify key topics from the notes you have taken during class. With these notes, create a list. If there are any formulas that you need to know and remember, write them down together with their function.

After studying each chapter, try to rewrite or redo the formulas presented in your own understanding. This way you know that you have fully understood the material. Then create an outline to better organize the information you have. Combine your outline from the chapter summaries and notes you have. Think about questions that may appear on your test and practice answering them using your study guide. Finally, keep reviewing your material until you know it by heart.

You can also get assistance from free online math tutors or math solver websites. These sites help students by having a roster of math tutors who are always online to help with math. You can learn about Algebra online as well as get statistics homework help while staying in your house. Some of these sites offer free math tutor chat rooms to have interactive discussions. Some have virtual classrooms to help you learn algebra online for free. Other sites have forum discussions involving parents talking about math help for kids.

In case the study guide is still not enough to help you with topics in which you are having a hard time to understand and the free online math help site that you visited isn’t up to par when answering your math problems, now is the time to seek assistance from math tutors. Combining the study guide you made with the math tutor’s curriculum is a good way to ensure that there will be no topic left unstudied.

There are different types of Math tutors. There are Geometry tutors, Calculus tutors, Algebra tutors, just to name a few. Whether it’s through private math tutors or online math tutoring, the main goal is to learn and pass your math test.

Now that you have exhausted all your efforts in preparing for that math test, here are some quick reminders during the exam. First, read the instructions carefully. Answer the questions you know first and get back to the more difficult questions later. Never leave a question unanswered and if you think you’ve finished, check again.  Lastly, make sure you relax and stay calm at all times.


Preparation is always important in every examination especially in subjects like Mathematics where memorizing formulas is a must. This will determine not only your level of understanding but also the effectiveness of teaching methods being provided by your educator.


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