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February 2016

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StudyWide is a fast growing global language learning community designed for language learners and tutors from around the world.  Be a part of our community and experience a better language learning experience! Start making connections from all around the World! Connect and Chat with these available interactive features inside StudyWide:

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If you are reading this post it’s probably you are planning to learn a new language.Starting on the easy languages boosts your confidence and encourages you to learn more languages. You can start off with the easiest languages to learn in studywide today!   Dutch The Dutch languages has close

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Are you planning on learning a new language? Here are some handpicked ones we recommend for you to learn. Aside from English, there are a lot of other languages that are worth learning for. The ones we picked are based on the number of people speaking the language and the

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Learn English

Your beautiful! Did you send someone this message and you just got seenzoned? the reason my friend, is that you overlooked a simple grammar basic. Your and You’re are totally different, here’s Why:   Your Your is placed before a gerund a noun or a pronoun that is used to

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StudyWide Walkthrough

There are two categories of StudyWide accounts, namely: Commercial accounts and General accounts. Commercial accounts are for tutors and educational centers while general accounts are for students.   General Account This is the default account created once you join StudyWide This account is for students and parents It’s totally free!

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