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December 2015

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The Job Board in StudyWide is a useful tool that helps you to look for tutors or helps you find the right job. Located in the left category of the website, the Job Board is your Tutor or Job seeker tool that easies up the task. Click the Job board

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Language learning is made more effective and fun if it is accompanied with socialization and fun. We all know that you learn the most when you are enjoying. Learning a new language doesn’t have to be blunt and boring, this can be paired with social media, games, music and movies!

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Technology has made huge leaps especially with language learning. Nowadays learning a new language isn’t just inside the classroom or the depending of books and listing of words, it is now almost accessed everywhere, from social media site to blogs and video classes. Through computers, laptops, tabs, mobile phones and

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Language exchange is a popular language learning technique nowadays.  This is when two people of different native tongues, teach each other their own languages; so both gain benefits as well as earning new friendship. It’s Free That’s right language exchange is free. Since you will be practicing the language with

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          It is a rumour that you only need to speak English to land you an ESL teaching job overseas. The right word to use is, speaking English is an advantage and a start. If you want to teach abroad, the countries with greater job opportunities

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Many language learners have chosen online classes to learn a new language. The cost-effectiveness of this type of learning makes it a popular option for a lot of language enthusiasts taken from the fact that you’d get your classes from professional and qualified tutors. StudyWide has made this possible! The

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