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June 2015

library students
Test Preparation

Teamwork is one important thing that is being taught in school. It hones one’s social skill and cooperative spirit through group reports, group works, and group lessons. These educational activities make students achieve short and long-term goals easier.   Group lessons are formed to achieve a common objective. But what

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Grandma and grandchildren reading book together

Nowadays, the internet plays such a vital role in helping parents educate their children. From birth to adolescence, we google information that will help us raise our kids “better”. Sports clubs, healthy recipes, Peer pressure; these are just some topics we search on. But when it comes to Online Education,

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College students in a computer lab

One person may come across a lot of tutors in his lifetime, from the kid’s first tutoring service his mother hired during one of his childhood summers to the math tutors during his sophomore year in high school. Yes, we have met many tutors but can you see yourself as

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